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  • 1600W Hang Up Dryer w Light
  • 1600w Hang Up Dryer W Light
    BRAND: Andis Company  |  SKU: 30975

    Andis 30975 Quiet hangup 1600 Watt hair dryer with night light is a wall-mounted hang-up hair dryer with LED light. It has a quiet long-life motor and Lifeline shock protection that is built into the unit. It has a 3 position switch with 2 heat and air settings. The metal mounting plate is for secure wall attachment. It features a new hanger loop. An exclusive Andis innovation in cord storage. It has a long-lasting electronic light no more bulbs to burn out or replace. Its soft diffused light pr...

  • $65.00
    $54.21 16.60% Discount

    You save: $10.79

  • Dual Head Rotary Shaver
  • Dual Head Rotary Shaver
    BRAND: Remington  |  SKU: R95CDN

    The Remington Dual Flex travel rotary shaver has two Dual Track shaving heads that flex for shaving comfort. The compact design makes it great for use at home at work the gym - just about anywhere! 2 flexing heads adjust to your face; Individually flexing dual track cutters; Fully charges in 90 minutes; Rechargeable; charging LED indicator. Black & Gray

  • $41.35

  • EF 75 300mm F 4 5.6 III
  • Ef 75 300mm F 4 5.6 Iii
    BRAND: Canon Cameras  |  SKU: 6473A003

    Canon EF 75-300MM F/4-5.6 III

  • $270.00
    $232.39 13.93% Discount

    You save: $37.61