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  • 2 ft Kids Gloves Skipping Rope Boxing Set
  • 2 Ft Kids Gloves Skipping Rope Boxing Set
    BRAND: Costway  |  SKU: SP34952

    Measurement: 27.56" x 10.24" x 10.24"
    This children boxing set includes one punch bag one pair of gloves one rope skipping one rucksack and one hook.   It is a perfect choice for kids workout and getting into shape. This punching bag and gloves set will accelerate kids' workouts and take the training to the next level. This boxing set is an all-inclusive kit for combining an upper body and cardiovascular workout. The training gloves protect your hands while you practice. And a rucksack ...

  • $62.99

  • 2-in-1 Wall Bracket Steel Mount Hanging Stand Boxing Frame
  • 2-in-1 Wall Bracket Steel Mount Hanging Stand Boxing Frame
    BRAND: Costway  |  SKU: SP35569+

    This is punch bag set which makes work more effective as well as adds strength and tone to the entire abdominal section.   It features heavy duty frame and solid punching sandbag. Made of strong solid sandbag with iron sand filled and EPE covered it is sturdy and durable which can be used for a long time. The reinforced construction also allows the heaviest bag. You can exercise yoursleves with this sandbag sets any time you want.   Enjoy your boxing and release your body. Welcome! High qu...

  • $218.99

  • Kids Adjustable Stand Punching Bag Toy Set with Boxing Glove
  • Kids Adjustable Stand Punching Bag Toy Set With Boxing Glove
    BRAND: Costway  |  SKU: TY564096

    Measurement: 38.98" x 18.50" x 18.50"
    This is and high quality kids boxing set which is a perfect gift or toy for your children.   In a vibrant black and red color scheme the spring-action standing punching bag with matching gloves is just like the real thing at the gym but sized perfectly for kids. For additional weighted stability you can pour water or sand into the stand base. It uses durable strong material for long time use.   There is no doubt that it will improve your kid's int...

  • $42.99