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  • 5 Gallon 20 L Outdoor/Indoor Potty Commode Portable Flush Toilet
  • 5 Gallon 20 L Outdoor/indoor Potty Commode Portable Flush Toilet
    BRAND: Costway  |  SKU: BA0118

    Measurement: 17.13" x 17.52" x 17.52"
    Portable toilet with 5 Gallon /20 L holding tank which is of comfort convenience and environmental protection.   It has an innovative product design and robust ABS quality with shiny surface. This high-quality toilet offers powerful flushing with less pumping as well as splash-free operation and discharge. What’s more it is easy to use push-button operation. This portable toilet is a great unit for anyone to use when there’s no public facility. ...

  • $68.99

  • 5.3 Gallon Portable Travel Toilet with Piston Pump Flush
  • 5.3 Gallon Portable Travel Toilet With Piston Pump Flush
    BRAND: Costway  |  SKU: OP3653

    Measurement: 16.93" x 14.57" x 14.57"
    The portable toilet is a must for outdoor activities and no power or water source required.   Rugged portable and comfortable design makes it an outstanding choice for campers hunters fishers on road and boat trips. It’s even great for potty training! This self-contained portable toilet has a 2.6 gallon freshwater tank and a 5.3 gallon waste-water holding tank that is made of high-density polyethylene in a one-piece leak-proof design and can be ...

  • $98.99