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  • 13pc All in One Beard Trimmer
  • 13pc All In One Beard Trimmer
    BRAND: Conair  |  SKU: GMT189CGB

    GMT189R 13-Piece Rechargeable Beard/Mustache Professional Multi-use Trimmer has been updated with a nose and ear-hair attachment bringing the total to 4 attachments. Both the full-size 30mm trimming blade and 8mm detailing blade are manufactured from professional-grade ground stainless steel. The full-size shaving foil and 3-position taper control add more precision detailing options when grooming facial hair. Cordless/rechargeable; Premium chrome-plated finish; Solid stainless-steel blades; I...

  • $46.84

  • 14pc Barber Kit
  • 14pc Barber Kit
    BRAND: Remington  |  SKU: HC1090

    The Remington Home Barber Haircut Kit can save you time and money. No need to take the kids to the hair salon this durable clipper provides a reliable cut with plenty of style and length options right at home! The stainless steel blades cut through all hair types while the powerful motor prevents pulling and snagging. The 14-piece kit has everything you need for complete haircuts and to keep the clipper working like new. 14-piece kit Taper level Stainless steel blades

  • $36.65

  • 2 in 1 Clipper Trimmer
  • 2 In 1 Clipper Trimmer
    BRAND: Conair  |  SKU: HCT420CSV

    The Chopper 2-in-1 Clipper/Trimmer... Corded Clipper; DC Motor; 5-detent Taper Control; Detachable Clipper Blade; Trimmer Blade; 9 Attachment Combs; 3 Jawline Combs; 5-position Attachment Comb; Styling Comb; Mustache Comb; Scissors Oil Cleaning Brush; Storage Pouch; Barber Cape; Blade Guard; UL listed Yellow finish.

  • $53.66

  • 21pc Haircut Kit With Case
  • 21pc Haircut Kit With Case
    BRAND: Conair  |  SKU: HC200GB

    21-Piece Haircut Kit with Case... Get Professional-looking Hair Cutting and Trimming Results at Home; Now with DC Motor Providing 50% More Cutting Power to Blade; All Lengths and Hair Styles; Complete Kit for Entire Family; Powerful Clipper and 5-detent Taper Control; Diamond Sharpened Carbon Steel Blades; 9 Attachment Combs Provide 50 Precision Height Settings; English/Spanish DVD; Barber Cape; Barber Comb; Hard Case; Scissors; Cleaning Brush; Blade Guard; Clipper Oil; Styling Comb; 2 Styling ...

  • $44.94

  • 360 Degree Rotary Rplcmnt Head
  • 360 Degree Rotary Rplcmnt Head
    BRAND: Remington  |  SKU: SPRPR

    Remington 360 Degree Pivot & Flex Rotary Replacement Head. 360 degree Pivot & Flex Rotary Replacement Head Titanium-coated blades. Dual Track cutters. Quickly and easily clicks into shaver. Washable Head.Premium Chrome finish. For Remington Shavers: R2-405 R-455 R-605 R-655 R-3130 R3130NB R-3150 R-4100 R-4110 R-4130 R4130NBG R-4135 R4135XLP R-4150 R-4150DS R-4155 R-5130 R5130NB R5130XP R-5150 R-6130 R6130XP R-6150 R-7130 R7130CDNNB R7130NB R-7150 R-8130 R-8150 SD5161. Black/Silver.

  • $50.84

  • Adjustable Beard Groomer
  • Adjustable Beard Groomer
    BRAND: Remington  |  SKU: MB200

    Trim shape and edge! This adjustable all-in-one beard trimmer does it all. With 9 settings you're sure to get the perfect trim every time with this rechargeable cordless trimmer. 9 Length Settings Zoom Wheel with Number Settings Titanium-Coated Blades Self-Sharpening Blades Permanently Lubricated Cutting Blades Rechargeable Cordless Use Wide Cutting Blade LED Charge Indicator Light Mustache and Beard Comb Cleaning Brush .

  • $45.33

  • Andis 11pc Headliner Shave Kit
  • Andis 11pc Headliner Shave Kit
    BRAND: Andis Company  |  SKU: 29775

    Andis 29775 "Headliner" 11-piece shave trim and clip kit in gift box for contouring shaving sculpting and trimming. Includes Headliner 4 attachment comb sizes: 1/16" 1/8" 1/4" 3/8". It also has a beard lifting brush barber comb and tapered barber comb. It comes with a blade brush and blade oil in a durable soft case. Now you can do something about ingrown facial hair!

  • $56.96

  • Andis 14pc Beard Mustache Kit
  • Andis 14pc Beard Mustache Kit
    BRAND: Andis Company  |  SKU: 22725

    Andis 14-piece Beard Mustache Cord/Cordless rechargeable trimmer kit is perfect for trimming beards and mustaches. Trims from unique stubble look to longer beard styles. Sleek ergonomic design with soft-grip housing easy to hold. Dual voltage charger for worldwide use. INCLUDES: 6 attachment combs dual voltage charger tapered barber comb mustache comb blade guard blade cleaning brush lubricating oil storage pouch and complete instructions.

  • $45.16

  • Andis 14pc Trimmer Ethnic
  • Andis 14pc Trimmer Ethnic
    BRAND: Andis Company  |  SKU: 24025ANDIS

    Cord/Cordless Personal Trimmer 14 piece kit is perfect for trimming beards mustaches and necklines; Equipped with T-blade; Rechargeable; Includes Trimmer charger storage case 6 attachment combs (#1 #2 #3 1/4" 3/8" 1/2") barber comb beard/mustache comb blade brush blade guard oil.

  • $45.16

  • Andis 20pc EasyCut Home Ethnic
  • Andis 20pc Easycut Home Ethnic
    BRAND: Andis Company  |  SKU: 75360

    Easy Cut 20-Piece Home Haircutting Kit with 75% More power than other models. Quiet compact motor. Can cut through wet or dry hair. Self-sharpening blade creates the perfect cut every time. Kit includes: Adjustable blade clipper 8 Attachment combs (1/16" 1/8" 3/8" 5/8" 7/8" blending comb and left/right ear) 4 Safety combs Stainless steel sheers Tapered barber comb Styling barber comb Blade brush Protective blade guard Blade oil Durable storage case.

  • $44.32

  • Combo Foil Blade Replacement
  • Combo Foil Blade Replacement
    BRAND: Panasonic Consumer  |  SKU: WES9032P

    Combo foil & blade replacement for models ES-LV81 & ES-LV61.

  • $105.98

  • Conair Men i-Stubble Trimmer
  • Conair Men I-stubble Trimmer
    BRAND: Conair  |  SKU: GMT900R

    Conair for Men i-Stubble is the ultimate in stubble control with electro-chemically formed blades for extreme sharpness durability & accuracy. Safe on sensitive skin. Unique floating head contours to the curves of your face for exceptional accuracy and comfort. Electronic length control provides precise automatic adjustments for ultimate length control. Advanced power performance with long-lasting rechargeable dual battery system. LCD Display. Rapid charging system/90-minute charge provide...

  • $89.99

  • Dual Head Rotary Shaver
  • Dual Head Rotary Shaver
    BRAND: Remington  |  SKU: R95CDN

    The Remington Dual Flex travel rotary shaver has two Dual Track shaving heads that flex for shaving comfort. The compact design makes it great for use at home at work the gym - just about anywhere! 2 flexing heads adjust to your face; Individually flexing dual track cutters; Fully charges in 90 minutes; Rechargeable; charging LED indicator. Black & Gray

  • $41.35

  • Ear and Nose Trimmer
  • Ear And Nose Trimmer
    BRAND: Remington  |  SKU: NE3250

    Remington Ear & Nose Trimmer - Comfort Trim Technology. Easy Washout Feature. Anti-Microbial NanoSilver for cleaner trimming. Rotary head attachment Wet/Dry. Hang loop for easy shower storage . Black & Blue.

  • $40.52

  • Elec Razor Inner Blade Rplcmnt
  • Elec Razor Inner Blade Rplcmnt
    BRAND: Panasonic Consumer  |  SKU: WES9064PC

    Replacement Inner Blade. Replace with true Panasonic parts. It is recommended that you replace the outer foil at least every year to maintain your shaver's cutting performance Panasonic Replacement Inner Blade for ES-RT51-S and older shavers ES7035 ES8043 ES8152 ES8092 ES8094 ES8095 ES8096 ES8097

  • $40.80

  • Elec Razor Outer Foil Rplcmnt
  • Elec Razor Outer Foil Rplcmnt
    BRAND: Panasonic Consumer  |  SKU: WES9833P

    Replacement Outer Foil for select Shavers Panasonic Replacement Stainless Steel Outer Foil Compatible with: Compatible with :ES9833 ES4000 ES4001 ES4011 ES4012 ES4025 ES4026 ES9859 ES4027 ES4033 ES4035 ES4036 ES4105 ES4813 ES4815 ES4820 ES4823 ES4826 ES4853 ES4951 ES4501 ES-RW30 ES712 ES722 ES723 ES724 ES725 ES726 ES727 ES728

  • $37.37

  • F3 Dual Foil Flex Shaver
  • F3 Dual Foil Flex Shaver
    BRAND: Remington  |  SKU: PF7300

    Remington F3 MENS DUAL FOIL FLEX SHAVER. The F3's Constant Contour Flexing Foils contour to your face for comfort. Its Quietdrive Advanced Motor is engineered 20% quieter for a more comfortable shave. The ComfortCut blades are sharp and close cutting plus the pop up trimmer provides a precise shave. The razor boasts a 30 minute cordless runtime and charging indicator. NiMH battery. Blue&Black.

  • $61.17

  • F4 Comfort Series Foil Shaver
  • F4 Comfort Series Foil Shaver
    BRAND: Remington  |  SKU: PF7400

    Keep it fresh with the Remington F4 Comfort Series Intercept Foil Shaver. It's a step-up from traditional foil shavers thanks to the intercept shaving technology that pre-trims longer hairs. This reduces tugging and discomfort letting the foils get closer to the face for smoother results. Plus the quiet motor reduces noise and vibration to make the entire shaving experience comfortable and convenience with the Remington F4.

  • $75.75

  • F5 Dual Foil Intercept Trimmer
  • F5 Dual Foil Intercept Trimmer
    BRAND: Remington  |  SKU: PF7500

    Remington F5 MENS DUAL FOIL INTERCEPT TRIMMER. The F5 razor features Intercept Shaving Technology pre-trims longer hairs for a closer shave. Pivot Assist Head movement adjusts the head angle for added comfort. Constant Contour Flexing Foils flex to quickly respond to facial contours. Cord/Cordless shaving offers versatility. Quietdrive Advanced Motor is engineered for a more comfortable shave. Washable heads contain ComfortCut blades that are sharp and close cutting. Pop-Up Trimmer provides prec...

  • $86.44

  • Foil Blade Combo
  • Foil Blade Combo
    BRAND: Panasonic Consumer  |  SKU: WES9013PC

    Panasonic WES9013PC Electric Razor Replacement Inner Blade and Outer Foil Set for Men - Replace with true Panasonic parts. It is recommended that you replace the outer foil at least every year to maintain your shaver's cutting performance. Panasonic Replacement Outer Foil and Inner Blade for ES-SL41 ES-LT71-S ES-LT41-K ES8103S and older model ES8109S. Made in Japan.

  • $59.56

  • HyperSeries Replcmnt Assembly
  • Hyperseries Replcmnt Assembly
    BRAND: Remington  |  SKU: SPRXRA

    Restore your shaver to peak performance with this Remington Hyper Series Rotary Shaver replacement heads and cutters. The SPRXR features flexing Dual track PrecisionPlus shaving heads that smoothly cut long hair and stubble for an ultra close and comfortable shave every time. Its PrecisionPlus Heads comfortably shave both long hairs and short stubble with ease. For Remington Shavers: XR1330 XR1350 XR1370 XR1400 & XR1410. Dual-Track Cutters. ActiveContour XL. PrecisionPlus Heads. Washable ...

  • $62.54

  • Inner Blade for Vortex Shaver
  • Inner Blade For Vortex Shaver
    BRAND: Panasonic Consumer  |  SKU: WES9068PC

    Replacement Inner Blade for Panasonic Vortex shavers. Fits models listed below and these legacy models: ES8101 ES8162 ES8164 ES8224

  • $41.65