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  • PLA 3D Filmnt 3mm 1kg Reel Nat
  • Pla 3d Filmnt 3mm 1kg Reel Nat
    BRAND: Verbatim  |  SKU: VER55265

    PLA 3D Filament 3mm 1kg Reel Natural Transparent. Manufactured to very tight tolerances and from the highest quality materials Verbatim PLA 3D Printing Filament does not require a heated print bed and is less prone to warping than other filament materials. Designed for compatibility with most commercially available printers Verbatim PLA filament can be cut filed or glued post printing but PLA filament should not be used with acetone. With diameter tolerances of 0.05mm Verbatim PLA 3D Filaments e...

  • $34.68